Founded on our Corporate Vision and Principle, "Relentless Aspiration for Better Acoustic Environment", Sound Tree was established in 2015 (Seoul, South Korea).

Sound Tree has specialized in developing DIY room acoustic products as well as constructing diverse facilities ranging from theaters and professional studios to individual listening dens. Sound Tree puts a ton of effort into R&D to develop construction techniques and acoustic products that manage sound dispersion and absorption by each frequency range, stepping up from the traditional room treatment approach (of dominantly acoustic absorption practices).

In addition, Sound Tree has introduced and distributed outstanding Hifi brands such as Weiss, Grim Audio, and Monitor Acoustics in the Korean market, and also co-developed various audio cables together with Gaon Cable, one of the most well-known global cable manufacturers. Also, Sound Tree passionately explores diverse music and acoustic businesses including mastering Vinyl products and CDs and producing physical media.